High Frequency Continious Welding Fin Tube, OD 3/4-8 Inch

High Frequency Continious Welding Fin Tube, OD 3/4-8 Inch

Key Specifications / Features

HF Welding Fin Tube Supplier: High Frequency Continious Finned Tubes, OD 3/4-8 Inch, Height 1/4–1 Inch, T 0.036–0.098 Inch, Spacing 1–7 Per Inch.

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Detail Information

High Frequency Continious Welding finned tube

Fin Height: 1/4–1 Inch (6.4–25.4mm).
(higher on application)
Fin Thickness: 0.036–0.098 Inch (0.9–2.5mm).
Fin Spacing: 1–7 per inch (39–276 per metre).
Tube Outside Diameter: 3/4 – 8 Inch (19.05–219.1mm).
Material: Any material or combination that can be resistance or arc welded.

Laser Welding Finned Tube Advantages: 
1. Thin, continuous weId seam.
2. Small heat-affected zone.
3. Short heating time.
4. Only slight microstructural change in tube and fin.
5. High utilization of heat for forming the seam.
6. High welding speed.
7. No impurity of the weld seam, as the Laser-welding is carried out under a protective atmosphere.

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