Single Jersey Terry Dial & Cylinder Jacquard Knitting Machine

Single Jersey Terry Dial & Cylinder Jacquard Knitting Machine

Key Specifications / Features

Introducing the Single Terry Dial & Cylinder Jacquard Knitting Machine, available in 12 - 32 Gauge. With a feeder density of 1.6 Feeder/Inch, this cutting-edge knitting machine offers a full jacquard design capability. It is equipped with electronically controlled dial and cylinder mechanisms, ensuring precision and efficiency in every stitch. Explore the advanced features of this high-performance knitting machine for your textile production needs.

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Detail Infomation

Product: Single Terry Dial & Cylinder Fully Computerized Jacquard Automatic Knitting Machine, Circular knitting machine, Single Jersey, Computerized Jacquard, Automatic Knitting, Terry Dial & Cylinder

Description: 20 Years of Factory Experience Super Professional Computerized Single Terry Dial & Cylinder Fully Jacquard Automatic Knitting Machine

Diameter: 26 – 42 Inch 
Gauge: 12 - 32 Gauge
NO. of Feeders: 1.6 Feeder/Inch
Available Materials: pure cotton, chemical fiber, mixed fiber, silk and artificial wool, sport and leisurewear(polo shirt), mattresses, home textiles, etc.


The jacquard knitting machine boasts advanced capabilities in full jacquard design and intricate structures. With electronic control over both the dial and cylinder, it offers unparalleled precision and versatility. Not only do the dial needles knit the patterns but they can also be electronically manipulated, unleashing an array of creative possibilities. This breakthrough opens doors to endless opportunities, applicable in various industries such as fashion, home textiles, and mattress manufacturing. Moreover, this machine efficiently resolves the compatibility issues between dial and cylinder selection systems, making it user-friendly and easily operable.

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