Single Jersey Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

Single Jersey Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

Key Specifications / Features

Welcome to our High Speed Open Width Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Factory. We offer a range of machines with a diameter ranging from 26 to 44 inches, gauge options from 16 to 32, and 52 to 83 feeders. Our machines excel in seamless fabric processing, ensuring high efficiency and top-quality results. Explore our advanced knitting technology for all your fabric production needs.

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Detail Infomation

Product: Open Width Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine, Circular knitting machine, Single Jersey, High speed, Open width

Description: Factory 20 Years Experience Top Quality Good Service Open Width Single Jersey  Circular Knitting Machine

Diameter: 26 - 44 Inch
Gauge: 18 - 40 Gauge
NO.of Feeders: 78 - 132 Feeders, 104 - 176 Feeders
Available Material: Swimwear, tights, underwear, T-shirt, polo shirt, gym suit, sports wear, technical textiles, etc.


Achieve exceptional fabric quality with a seamless surface, free from any creases at its center. Minimize fabric waste during subsequent processing stages. Optimize fabric utilization to decrease expenses and maximize profits. Enjoy the benefits of both the single jersey machine and the wrinkle-free feature for garments. This innovative machine combines the functionalities of a single jersey machine with the unique attribute of "no folding marks" found in open-width machines.

Packaging Details: Wooden Packing, International Standard Exportable Sea worthy Packing.
Port: Xiamen, CHINA
Lead time: 35-45 days

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