Oval Type Spiral Wound Gasket, AISI 316, Graphite

Oval Type Spiral Wound Gasket, AISI 316, Graphite

Key Specifications / Features

Discover high-quality non-rounded spiral wound gaskets from a leading manufacturer. Our gaskets feature a graphite filler, AISI 316 winding, and a durable metal construction. Specifically designed for boilers handholes and manholes, our customized solutions ensure optimal sealing performance. Trust in our expertise for reliable and efficient gasket solutions.

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Detail Infomation

Gaskets for Boilers handholes and manholes, Metal Gasket ELLIPTICAL (OVAL TYPE), according to customer drawing requirement

Product Item: Non-rounded Spiral wound Gaskets
Type: Oval
Filler: Graphite
Winding: AISI 316


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