Aluminium Finned Tube, OD 25-88 mm, WT 0.25-0.45 mm

Aluminium Finned Tube, OD 25-88 mm, WT 0.25-0.45 mm

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Aluminum Finned Tube manufacturer Landee supplies aluminium finned tube applying to air cooling unit, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil, heat exchangers, etc.

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Detail Information

Type: Aluminium Finned Tube.
Product Range: 
Finned Tube OD: 25 - 88 mm. 
Fin Thickness: 0.25 - 0.45 mm. 
Fin pitch: Customized. 
Fin material: Aluminium 
Base tube material: Any metallic material. 
A core tube is fitted into an aluminium primary tube. This assembly is then fed into the triple-spindle finning machine. Three special multi-disc packs extrude the aluminium tube into helical high fins while reducing the inner diameter to give firm pressure contact with the core tube. 
Air cooling unit. 
Product coolers - gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil etc. 
Heat exchangers. 

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