10 µL Pipette Tips, Clear, RNase/DNase Free & Pyrogen Safe

10 µL Pipette Tips, Clear, RNase/DNase Free & Pyrogen Safe

Key Specifications / Features

Experience precision and reliability with our 10 µL pipette tips, proudly manufactured by a leading provider. These tips are meticulously crafted to be RNase/DNase free and pyrogen safe, ensuring the integrity of your sensitive samples. Designed in a clear format for easy visibility, they can tolerate temperatures ranging from -80℃ to 121℃, providing versatility in various laboratory settings. Additionally, these tips are resistant to organic solvents, acids, and bases, making them the ideal choice for your diverse pipetting needs.

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Detail Infomation

Capacity: 10 µL
Color: Transparent, blue, yellow, customized
Certification: ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, CE
Application: Laboratory Usage, Biological Research and Development
Customized support: OEM, ODM
Tolerable Temperature: -80℃ to 121℃
Quality: RNase/DNase Free & Pyrogen Safe, Resistant to Organic Solvents, Acids and Bases.
Packaging Details: 96 Tips/Rack Pk x 10 Racks

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