Full Bore Ball Valves, Floating / Solid Ball

Key Specifications / Features

China full bore ball valve manufacturer Landee supplies A350 LF2 CL 1 full bore floating ball valves, full bore solid ball valves, PTFE seated, Class 150.
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Detail Infomation

Ball Valve, Full Bore, soft seat, Floating ball, solid ball.
Valve Body: A350 LF2 CL 1
Ball and stem: SS316.
Pressure Rating: Class 150.
Valve Size: 1 1/2 Inch.
Seat: PTFE.
Flanged, RF.
1. Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer (Interzinc 52 or eq.) 60μm.
2. component High Build Epoxy (Intergard 475HS or eq.)200μm.
3. Polyurethane Topcoat (Interthane 990 or eq.)50μm.

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