Carbon Steel Flowmeter, 6 Inch, DN150, 150 LB

Carbon Steel Flowmeter, 6 Inch, DN150, 150 LB

Key Specifications / Features

Discover our high-quality Flowmeter made from durable Carbon Steel, designed with a 6-inch ANSI Class 150 standard for reliable performance. Experience a maximum flow rate of 3000 LPM, accurately measured by the Electric Pulse Transmitter providing precise Flow/Volume readings. Stay informed with the user-friendly LCD display and benefit from the +24 VDC three-way pulse output for seamless integration. Trust in our advanced Flowmeter technology to optimize your operations and enhance efficiency.

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Detail Infomation

Flowmeter, Materials: Carbon Steel, 6-inch ANSI Class 150, Max Flowrate 3000LPM with Electric Pulse Transmitter (Flow/volume readings) LCD display +24 VDC three-way pulse output

Product: Flowmeter
Material: Carbon Steel
Size: 6 inch, DN150
Pressure: Class 150 LB


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