DN800 PN16 Wedge Gate Valve, GS-C25, EN 1984, DIN 3352

DN800 PN16 Wedge Gate Valve, GS-C25, EN 1984, DIN 3352

Key Specifications / Features

Discover our high-quality DN800 PN16 Gate Valve manufactured to GS-C25, EN 1984, DIN 3352 standards. This 32-inch valve, rated Class 150 LB, comes with supporting feet and features RF x RF connections. It complies with API 600 and ASME B16.34 standards, ensuring reliability and performance for your industrial needs.

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Detail Infomation

Valve description:
Product Name: Flexible Wedge Gate Valve, with supporting feet.
Design: EN 1984, DIN 3352
Material: GS-C25.
Nominal Size: DN800
Nominal Pressure: PN16.
Connection Ends: RF X RF, as per EN 1092-1/B1.
Face to Face: EN 558-1/line 15
Model of Operation: Handwheel, Gearbox, bare stem
Test and Inspection: EN 12266-1.

Technical Parameters and Characteristics
Product type: Gate valve.
Size range: NPS 2 - 60 Inch, DN50 - DN1500.
Design pressure: class 150 - 2500 LB, PN10 - PN420.
Design standard: API 600, ASME B16.34, EN 1984, DIN 3352.
Design temp.: -196℃ - 573℃.
Material: ASTM A216 WCB, ASTM A216 WCC, ASTM A217 WC6, ASTM A217 WC9, 
ASTM A217 C5, ASTM A217 C12A, ASTM A352 LCB, ASTM A352 LCC 
ASTM A351 CF8, ASTM A351 CF8M, ASTM A351 CF3M, ASTM A351 CF8C 
CN3MN, CK3MCUN, CN7M, ASTM A890 4A (CD3MN), ASTM A890 5A (CE3MN), 
ASTM B148 C95800, ASTM B148 C95500
Connection end: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.25, EN 1092 series.
Operation: Hand wheel, gearbox, electric 
Application: electric power, petroleum refining, petrochemical engineering, offshore oil, chemical engineering


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